Atsuko Hosoi

She tries to show invisible feelings within her kaleidoscopes. They are quiet, subtle, naive and delicate. Still they are very clearly seen in her stained glass kaleidoscopes.
Tomoo Hosono
His simple metal tubes may not be recognized as kaleidoscopes at first glance. He seems to enjoy a gap between internal images and external expression of his works. He is particular about the diversity of his mirror systems as well as his polarized object chambers.
Jun Kojima

It was an unexpected encounter with kaleidoscopes. One winter day the kaleidoscopic images suddenly floated before his mind while he was walking. It was like divine revelation.
Megumi & Asami Mizuhiro

Traditional Japanese style is a keyword for their kaleidoscopes. Beautiful patterns adorn the body of each stained glass kaleidoscope, which gives you nostalgic feelings.
Akinori & Ayako Nakamura

They want people to find and feel dreams in their works. Their beautifully painted°°exterior is an invitation to the inner world.
Yasuko Nakazato
Her recent works are exhibited at the Kaleidoscope Reflections, 20th anniversary kaleidoscope exhibition in Maryland where she made her debut in the US. She loves to create exquisite glass sculptures which encase many other beautiful images.
Motohiro Sato

He handcrafts kaleidoscopes using his glass blowing techniques. He tries to show beautiful scenes of nature in his works, so they are like kaleidoscopes imbued with poems.
Toshio Sumi

He is one of the pioneers in the Japanese kaleidoscope world, whose designs of kaleidoscopes are very unique. He is specializing in metal kaleidoscopes with gears and other mechanical parts and devices.
Mitsuko Teramae

Being a creator of traditional Japanese ceramics, she broke new ground and introduced kaleidoscopes into Kutani ceramic ware. She combines beauty of Japanese traditional art and that of kaleidoscopes.
Misato Tsuji
Misato Tsuji was fascinated by her grandmother's works which were the combination of Japanese pottery and beautiful kaleidoscope images.°°She was lucky enough to have outstanding teachers around her and now has started to make her own.
Koji Yamami

He is one of the pioneers in the Japanese kaleidoscope world. His "Maiko" series kaleidoscopes got the People°«s Choice Award twice at the conventions of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society.
Mitsuru & Yuriko Yoda

This husband and wife team always puts a lot of energy into the creation of their original works. The results are, as you see, awesome, fascinating works of mirrors, light, music and smooth mechanical movement.