Atsuko Hosoi  

  Atsuko Hosoi makes stained glass kaleidoscopes.
In 1999 she was intrigued with a beautiful kaleidoscope and decided to make them on her own with the guidance of Koji Yamami.
She got 2 prizes at a juried exhibition, Japan Kaleidoscope Grand Prix ( 2000 &2001 ).
Since then her unique kaleidoscopes have attracted many kaleidoscope lovers.
She makes each kaleidoscope with a theme. Her style is modest and quiet.
She likes to produce quiet, peaceful images. She also tries to avoid too much decoration.
The following poem shows her love for kaleidoscopes.

Passing time
unheard music
inexpressible feeling
sorrows gradually healed....
kaleidoscopes are embodiment
of these invisible feelings within myself.