Tomoo Hosono  

  °»I regard kaleidoscopes as an art form with a story. People enjoy the changing patterns of kaleidoscopes in their own way.
I would be happy if I could offer a special time with kaleidoscopes in which people would feel free from their busy daily lives.
I hope kaleidoscopes are always there around you like flowers of the fields.°…

His main lines of scopes are teleidoscopes with which you can enjoy scenery around you turning into interesting patterns and polarized kaleidoscopes with both dry and liquid cells.
What is very unique is that he offers several different mirror configurations for his teleidoscopes, which include 4 different types of 3 mirror systems and 2 mirror systems that produce 2 to 15 point images.

He is also very particular about the variety of inner images of his polarized kaleidoscopes and makes a variety of 2 mirror scopes with 2 to 23 point star images as well as different types of 3 and 4 mirror scopes.
He intends to produce gorgeous and intricate inner images which are not imagined by looking at his simple exterior designs.
His main media is stainless steel and brass.
He thinks this gap of impression is interesting and he wants to share the wonder of this mirror magic with other people.