Jun Kojima  


You may not believe it, however, the kaleidoscopic images suddenly crossed his mind one winter day. He was thrilled with his experience and started to explore kaleidoscopes at various galleries.
Being fond of wonders by nature, he started to learn how to build kaleidoscopes on his own. His goal was, from the very first, to create his own kaleidoscopes.
Besides working as an engineer who is manufacturing prototype cars, he enjoys producing wonderful images with the help of mirror magic.
He feels like being an alchemist who creates admirable images out of mirrors and small pieces of glass.
Most of the bodies of his recent works are the creations by Rika Kita, a female pottery artist. He gets an inspiration from her pottery work and creates a very unique kaleidoscope out of it with a theme.
He got an award at the 3 Senses Kaleidoscope Contest of the Sendai Kaleidoscope Museum last year for his "Three Wise Men's Dream", which included an innovative mirror configuration.