Megumi & Asami Mizuhiro  

  This sister team learned stained glass scope making under Masaki Yonaga, who is an experienced stained glass artist and kaleidoscope artist.
They started creating original handcrafted kaleidoscopes in 1999 from their studio °»Mizuameya°….

They say°°°»We love Japanese traditional art and craft, and want to combine its unique tastes with our kaleidoscopes.°°We also pay a lot of attention to the details. We regard inner images as the most important, so we spend a lot of time in the selection of objects and their color combinations.°…

Their kaleidoscope style is so far limited to a 4 sided stained glass body with an oil wand as the object chamber. The wands are interchangeable.
What is very unique are the patterns that adorn the glass body.
All of their kaleidoscopes show their love for traditional Japanese art patterns; some are fused glass patterns and others are soldered stained glass patterns.
They are rather small, comfortable in the hand and convenient to carry.
Each scope comes with a matching pouch which is also hand made by the artists themselves using antique or traditional cloth usually used for Kimonos, a Japanese traditional costume.