Akinori and Ayako Nakamura  

  Their encounter with kaleidoscopes was at a local toy shop in Switzerland in1994.
After coming back to Japan they looked about for more kaleidoscopes only to find there was no information to be found on them.
This experience got them to set up a comprehensive information web site on kaleidoscopes in 1997, which is now very popular among Japanese kaleidoscope enthusiasts.

http://kaleido-japan.com (Japanese°°only)

They learned to make kaleidoscopes under Koji Yamami and continue to experiment with several mirror configurations and object types.
Their basic media is stained glass with elaborately hand-painted patterns by Ayako.
Akinori is working on the mirror systems and overall designs.
Although they are not full-time kaleidoscope artists, they have been expanding their horizons and their works prove it.
They hope that people will forget about their worries and problems even for a short period by looking at the ever-changing beautiful images and become encouraged by them.
They regard kaleidoscopes as simple tools that make people happy and try to promote them with their own works as well as on their website.