Toshio Sumi  

  Toshio Sumi was educated at Tama Art College and majored in sculpture.
He started to make kaleidoscopes in 1985 without knowledge of the kaleidoscope renaissance in the US.

Toshio Sumi makes metal kaleidoscopes with mechanical devices such as gears and motors for easier turning of the object chambers.
They look like gadgets or clocks and give a rather cool impression on the outside, however the inside images provoke different feelings, which the artist finds very interesting.
Unpredictable results always intrigue him.

He still remembers his excitement with the first kaleidoscope he made at school and the watch he took apart in his childhood.
He is also interested also in the reflections of triple mirrors. Now he makes several limited editions and affordable open editions.
There is an episode that shows his warm personality.
His mother loves his works very much and when she was hospitalized, Sumi started creating a scope for her with a solar system so that she could enjoy it without turning the end while lying in bed.
However, when it was finally completed she had gotten well and left the hospital.
He is also very active in giving scope making classes and is promoting the enjoyment of kaleidoscopes for every generation.