Mitsuko Teramae  


Finding and feeling beauty will shine our lives. This is Mitsuko Teramae°«s motto in her creative life. When she got to know about kaleidoscopes, she found another possibility to bring enjoyment to our lives through producing beautiful Kutani ware kaleidoscopes. Kutani ware has 350 year long tradition and has been loved and admired by Japanese people for a long time. It is famous for gorgeous hand painted colors that adorn the vases, dishes, cups or various figures. Mitsuko Teramae is a designer of Kutani ware and she turns highly artistic vases into beautiful kaleidoscopes. She also creates wearable Kutani pendants with both new and traditional patterns on them and they are also kaleidoscopes!
She hopes to introduce beauty of Kutani ware to the people around the world and is very active attending several shows abroad. She attended the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society convention in 2006 for the first time.