Misato Tsuji  

  Misato Tsuji grew up in a famous ceramic artist°«s family. Her grandmother is Teruko Tsuji, a pioneer of female ceramicist°«s in Japan. Both of her father and uncle are also ceramic artists. It was Teruko Tsuji who introduced her a beautiful world of kaleidoscopes.
In 1997, at the advice of her grandmother, she started to learn about kaleidoscopes under Mr and Mrs.Yoda and gradually started to create her own pieces. She was lucky to have those great teachers who helped her develop her talent. Since then she has been making mirror systems and object pieces mainly for her grandmother°«s ceramic bodies. Teruko Tsuji is an outstanding ceramicist in Japan and her works are admired by many Japanese. Dr.Ochi was one of her fans and he established an art museum in Sendai featuring her works which included a lot of kaleidoscopes. Misato tries to create and choose glass objects to match the artistic expression of Teruko Tsuji. °»It is fun but quite a challenge to bring her kaleidoscopes to completion°…, Misato says.
Misato°«s works, in collaboration with Teruko Tsuji, are exhibited in some museums and not many are available.
Misato says, °» It is so fascinating to create glass objects. It is like growing flowers. I get so happy when I look into the tubes to find millions of flowers created by my hand made glass pieces. I always share the enjoyment with my children.°…
Later she started to create ceramic kaleidoscope bodies by herself. She has to bake them many times, with different color layers, in the kiln and not many of them come out perfectly. Each of them comes out differently and are one of-a-kind pieces.
The photos on this page are limited to the kaleidoscopes completely hand made by herself.