Mitsuru & Yuriko Yoda  

  Mitsuru and Yuriko Yoda are two of the leading Japanese kaleidoscope artists whose works are highly valued at the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society conventions.
They are always challenged with trying to realize their dreams of creating original kaleidoscopes.
Mitsuru mainly works on the exterior, overall designs with his originality.
Yuriko works on the glass object pieces and creates breathtaking images which delight every person who looks into their scopes.

Sometimes they work in collaboration with outstanding Japanese artists of other categories and make their creations into unbelievably beautiful kaleidoscopes.
Collaboration with Teruko Tsuji is a good example.

Besides their award winning masterpieces, they produce lovely handheld kaleidoscopes.
They enjoy experimenting with various kinds of materials for tubes.
They use glass tubes made in collaboration with a traditional Japanese glass company, Murano glass figures, Majorca pottery wares, and many other varieties.
They create their original world of kaleidoscopes by adding different mirror systems and elaborately torch-worked objects that match each tube design.

They are also very active in making original kits for kaleidoscope classes.
They are generous enough to teach people how to make beautiful and original scopes.
Mitsuru and Yuriko are gentle, warm and somewhat modest people and their works vividly show their ideas, happy and sad feelings,and hopes for peace and the love of beautiful art.