About this website



I was working for a kaleidoscope gallery in Tokyo for 8 years and was in charge of importing kaleidoscopes from the US and translating kaleidoscope-related information into Japanese.
In the meantime I found there was little information on Japanese kaleidoscopes in English.
So I decided to create this website and hope this will help to promote Japanese kaleidoscopes to the people around the world.
I believe in kaleidoscope°«s universal appeal and hope to share its enjoyment with everyone in the world.
I would be happy to receive any comment or question on my website.
Designer of this website is Miyuki Nakajima, who is also interested in kaleidoscopes.
We discuss how to create this website and she tries to understand my idea and intention.
She realizes my image of the web design and I am very grateful for her cooperation.

Junko Aragane
Kaleidoscopes Japan