Arita porcelain has been playing an important role as a traditional industry of Japan.
They were first produced in the early 17th century in a small town called Arita on the southern island of Japan. °°
Arita wares have been known as products based on the expertise of artisans, which include throwing, painting, glazing and firing.

  They have developed traditional techniques and produced many kinds of beautiful porcelain wares which were once exported all the way to Europe as early as 400 years ago.

      Now in the beginning of the 21st century Arita porcelain industry has tried to find a new product by using its traditional techniques in order to prop up the sluggish market.  

  Then one Arita businessman had the idea of producing kaleidoscopes out of Arita porcelain. He was encouraged by the beautiful images of a kaleidoscope when he was hospitalized. He saw other patients feel healed by that kaleidoscope.It was really a good idea, however it seemed impossible at first for the Arita artisans to fire thin porcelain tubes equally to fit with other parts made of different materials.

  They experimented over and over and finally succeeded in controlling the contraction by firing.They started this project with the devoted support of Koji Yamami, a leading kaleidoscope artist in Japan.

  The collaboration turned out to be a great success and in 2004 the first 12 items were introduced at the Arita Porcelain Fair.

    There was a great response in the market and they sold about 3000 in the first year.
The major distributors were department stores and airlines°« in-flight magazines.
They were also introduced at the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society convention and the kaleidoscope exhibition in Poland.

  Following the success of this project, Yamami and collaborating artisans are now working on several large kaleidoscopes and hope to show them in early 2006.
They want to produce these floor model scopes to be placed at museums, hotels, resorts and parks, and hospitals so that they will be enjoyed by many people.
Meanwhile they are also making parlor types.

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