An authentic giant kaleidoscope was born in Japan on October 13, 2006 in Izu-Kougen, which has become one of the hottest spots in this area.
The area is part of Japan°«s national park with lots of visitors. It was also introduced in TV program and gathered over 3000 people within 30 days from its opening.

  Takashi Itoh, the owner of Atelier Rocky and Koji Yamami, the famous kaleidoscope artist worked together to create this huge kaleidoscope on the premises of Atelier Rocky.
This is named °»Space Walk°… as people feel suspended in the space.

    To create big kaleidoscope with people coming into the mirror system is a dream of both Mr.Itho and Mr.Yamami. It has a tapered three mirror system and a big rotating oil chamber in front. The creators are particular about the mirror quality and used front surface glass mirrors to produce 9 meter-long, 3 meter-high mirror system, which was very hard to complete.  

  They are not fully satisfied with the image, because there are some distortions of lines on the image due to the difficulty of construction, however, it produces a striking huge sphere and people who come into this kaleidoscope are surprised to see the image and excited about their feeling of floating in a space world.

  Mr.Itoh who was working as a producer of TV programs or commercial films was so excited about his first encounter with kaleidoscopes.
It was at the kaleidoscope exhibition of Koji Yamami. He was intrigued with the beautiful world he has never experienced. He started to learn creating kaleidoscopes under the guidance of Koji Yamami and became a collector as well. When he retired from his job, he moved from Tokyo to Izu-kougen and opened a private museum of kaleidoscopes 6 years ago.

    In this private museum °»Atelier Rocky°… he exhibits many kaleidoscopes by famous artists as well as his own creation. He makes unique kaleidoscopes out of a post box, telephone booth, Coka-Cola container or whatever he finds interesting. These enjoyable scopes are installed in the garden with roof and it looks like an amusement park.  


Atelier Rocky also offers nice variety of kaleidoscope kits with which people can make ones of their own in a short time under instruction of Mr. Itoh.
Mr.Itoh hopes to introduce wonderful world of kaleidoscopes to as many people as possible through their experience with the giant kaleidoscope and other kaleidoscopes at his °»Atelier Rocky Kaleidoscopes Gallery°….