A new kaleidoscope museum "Furabi" opened in Hokkaido


A new kaleidoscope museum opened this summer in Furano, Hokkaido, the north island of Japan. Furano is a small rural town surrounded by mountains and fields of rice, corn and vegetables. The wooden building of a former primary school which was built 98 years ago and was closed last year is converted to a unique museum by Ikuya Mitsui who has now realized his dream.


  There is no remodeled part in this building and class rooms are used as exhibition spaces. So visitors, both children and adults, have familiar and nostalgic feeling once they entered this wooden building. And there are many kinds of kaleidoscopes waiting for them. The purpose of this museum is to give people, especially children, enjoyment and inspiration through kaleidoscopic experiences.


Mr.Mitsui had to solve many problems in the process to achieve this project, however, there are people who share the same dream and help him. Among them the kaleidoscope artists, Mitsuru and Yuriko Yoda did a great job for this museum by producing special exhibition rooms with their newly-developed projection kaleidoscopes and large sized kaleidoscopes for entertainment.

At the entrance there is a large kaleidoscope made from a wine cask which captures every visitor°«s eyes and mind.

  In the music room, people enjoy projected images on the wall, paper craft, balloons, screens and even on a piano keyboard and a sheet of music

  In the library, there is a big screen of shadowgraph with projected kaleidoscope images. Sitting in the sofa in the dark room, people enjoy changing images accompanied with music and feel relaxed.    


Private collection of Mitsui which includes antique kaleidoscopes and toy kaleidoscopes as well is also exhibited in another class room.
If the visitors have enough time, they can also make simple kaleidoscopes of their own.



There seems to be unlimited possibilities for this just born museum and we hope it stays a warm and comfortable place for kaleidoscope lovers for many years to come


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